STUDIES AND PROJECTS: Microbiotech always performs a comprehensive analysis that identifies the real and needs of each client, undertaking studies and projects that represent the best solution in each case.

DESIGN AND MANUFACTURING: Microbiotech designs and manufactures equipment as product and production process, both own execution phase to a third party. Its high technological capacity and network of partner companies which are supported, allowing you to develop and construct prototypes adapted to the specific requirements of your customer, test their preproduction and manufacture its products.

R+D+i: In addition to developing its own products, Microbiotech available to customers with expertise and high technological potential of its staff providing services of R + D + i, for those who have a support network scientific collaborators that act synergistically with Microbiotech to reach the optimal solution for energy savings.

TECHNICAL SERVICE WARNING: In order to provide a comprehensive service, Microbiotech has a division dedicated to supporting its customers, once delivered the goods or completion of the contracted services, ensuring proper operation at the maximum speed of response.